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Meet Ja'Juan

There is a recipe for success, but the ingredients are different for everyone. 

Ja'Juan Williams, CPA, MBA

Entrepreneur, 6-Figure CPA, wife, mom, and motivational speaker

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Are you ready to customize your recipe?

Self-motivated and results-driven to succeed, I am a seasoned professional who has constantly set my goals to keep pace with my highest aspirations for personal excellence. Throughout my career, I have exhibited exemplary expertise, integrity, and dedication.


In the financial services field for more than 18 years, I am a Certified Public Accountant and Forensic accountant who started my career in corporate accounting as a Senior Regional Accountant in higher education accounting.  I founded McClain, Harris & Associates in 2007; the full-service accounting firm was rebranded to CFO Benefits Inc., in 2014. I was able to obtain 6-Figure income billing with monthly recurring billing in excess of $15K per month before obtaining my CPA license and $20 - 30K per month after licensure. The key to success is understanding who you are within the profession and what you bring to the table. Each and every one of us brings unique characteristics to the profession which separate you from every other CPA. Let me help you discover what you bring to the table.


I specialize in internal controls, audit and audit assistance, and strategic and operational growth. I work tirelessly with business owners to implement solid solutions that help them succeed financially. My skills and expertise include reviewing financials, developing corporate management strategies, preparing financial presentations for investors, identifying cost savings and areas of improvement, managing accounts receivables and payables, and auditing bank statements. Let's work together to see what your specialties are and get you to the point where you are working fewer hours and making more money.


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