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Are you getting paid fairly?

CPA Inequalities to Know!

Unequal Pay Differences Depending on Race & Gender

If you're a current CPA or aspiring CPA, it is important to know the underlining inequalities within the industry! Knowing about these discrepancies within your industry can allow you to look for certain inequalities and determine how you want to handle unfair situations.

We all know that the field of accounting has been more male-dominated, and it is great to see that it is becoming more gender neutral. As we see above, in the field of CPAs - there is a higher percentage of female CPAs than male CPAs. Unfortunately, equality is not present in terms of pay. The pay gap in terms of CPAs is quite significant! As seen above, male CPAs, on average, will earn more than a female CPA, although they are doing the same job. There is also a race pay gap.

Knowing this information is vital and helpful, especially when it comes to knowing your worth as a CPA.

The time spent studying, volunteering, and training to become a CPA should offer you the same opportunities and pay no matter what gender or race.

As a CPA, a part of this industry, it is important to strive toward equality and speak up when you feel that something is being done incorrectly and unethically.

I hope you enjoy this insightful information and have learned a little bit more about the demographic statistics within the CPA/ accounting field.


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