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Blog Marketing

How Blogs can Level Up Your Accounting Firm

Let's use blogs to increase website traffic!

If you can believe, marketing can play a significant role in growing your firm, and while paid marketing is great; it is nice to incorporate some free marketing tactics as well. Blogs are a great way to get people on your website and put your firm's website at the top of search engine lists.

When trying to find blog topics, think about the information that your customers and audiences want or need to know. When they search about this topic on search engines, they might land on your website, which could lead to a potential client!


A couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Post blogs as often as possible! The more you post, the quicker Google recognizes your website and promotes it at the top of the search engine list.

  2. Make your blog titles SEO friendly. The title should have keywords and topics that your customers are searching for!

  3. Brainstorm and strategize! Don't just post random information. Get to know your audience and target your market.

  4. Hint** If there are ever any important IRS topics or recent accounting changes/ news! It is best to create a blog about it as soon as possible! It shows that your firm is on top of the newest news, and it can increase website traffic since people are searching about that topic.

Benefits of Blogs:

  1. Increased website traffic (potential clients)

  2. Builds firm credibility

  3. Perfect for niche targeting

  4. Recycled research

  5. Grabs media attention

For more detailed information, check out this article:

"Marketing for Accountants: How Blogging Can Boost Your Practice"

Now, it's time to start blogging!

Good Luck.

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1 Comment

Gabriel Mussano
Gabriel Mussano
Feb 01, 2023

Our company's software will help you find the right impulses to build productive working relationships within your company.

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