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Building Firm Foundation

How to Build A Dynamic Work Foundation!

Is your team flat, or is it dynamic with a solid foundation? Let's take a look inside your firm, at your TEAM!

There are THREE main pillars in a solid firm foundation:

Finders Minders Grinders --- These three pillars should be the backbone of your firm and organizational development. Let's dig a little deeper!

Finders are usually great communicators and have excellent interpersonal skills. They can break down complex issues in terms that any client can understand. Finders are usually Sr. client managers and assistant client managers.

Minders usually oversee technical staff, grinders, operations, and the firm's efficiency. They are also great communicators and will spend most of their time on firm strategies and leadership and bridging the gap between the grinders and the finders. They are usually the firm's Sr. production managers.

Grinders are busy workers, good at taking instruction, and work very well on their own. They are usually the technical and production staff -- some firms have outsourced this role through automation for tax and compliance work.


A leader who strives to manage a successful accounting firm needs to understand the importance of 'running your business.' and that entails aligning communication, finding the balance of finders and grinders, etc. Once you find the perfect mixture of employees and weigh out your production and communication needs, you will build that dynamic and powerful accounting firm.

Take time to think about your firm. What is the right balance of production and communication activities that your firm needs? Then think about how you can hire or move people around in the company to fit this powerful dynamic.


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For more information about Finders, Minders, and Grinders, visit this article: HERE!

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