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Client Communication

How to communicate with clients effectively and efficiently.

Client Communication [Accounting Edition] Here are four tips that you can use as an accountant or CPA to better communicate with your clients.

1. Always notify clients ahead of time about unexpected financial surprises or unfortunate financial news. This action reduces client anxiety and emotions, which allows you to build trust and a better relationship with clients.

2. Get to know your clients and what their plans are with your accounting firm or company. The more you know about their financial goals, the better you can offer your services.

3. Validate your information, projections, and advice with actual accounting data.

4. Your clients did not go to school to become an accounting or CPA, so some information may seem confusing to them. Create visual aids to help explain difficult financial information - this will make the clients feel more secure about your decisions and have a solid understanding of what is happening with their finances.

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“Assumptions are the termites of client relationships.”

― Henry Winkler

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