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Knowledge is Power...

Top 5 Must-Read Accounting Books to Help With Your Accounting Journey!!!

Knowledge is Power...

Pick up a book this week and invest in yourself!!


Here are the Top 5 books that every accountant/ CPA should read at least once in their career. These books are here to help you grow and succeed in your accounting career! My favorite accounting book is written by Theresa A. Hammond (#1 on the list)!! Feel free to do a little research on which of these top five books might interest you the most. I have also thrown in some beginner CPA and accounting books (Books #2 & #4) for anyone just now starting in the field of accounting or who wants a fresh perspective on accounting topics!


I hope you find this information helpful. Reading has so much power behind it, and you are your greatest asset, so it is only right to invest in yourself. If you want more book recommendations, please feel free to reach out!


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