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No Leader... No Team!

Learn how your leadership style can affect your team ~

Several people call themselves leaders, but are they? Just because you manage a group of people does not classify you as a "leader."

--- My definition of a leader is someone who motivates and positively influences their team and others around them to achieve personal work and organizational/ team goals. They give their team members autonomy and a chance to make their own decisions and increase their creative abilities. Someone who micromanages, assigns strict tasks, and simply tells others what to do is not classified as a leader - that is just simple management...

Improve yourself, your team, and your business today!


Listed below are a couple of tips on how to improve your leadership style!

1. Build trust and understanding with your team members. Get to know them and their personal work goals.

2. Provide ways and methods to help your team members work on and achieve both personal and professional goals. Provide training, classes, and other methods that can help them achieve these goals! Give them chances and opportunities for growth.

3. Remain positive, inspirational, and optimistic. Nobody wants to be led by someone having a pessimistic attitude - this could also be very detrimental to team growth.

4. Influence and teach - don't just give orders.

5. Learn to listen to your team. Don't interrupt and allow team members to speak and state ideas/opinions.

6. Learn to give and receive feedback. There is room for improvement in everyone (team members, manager, boss, etc.). Everyone can improve. Giving and reviewing feedback can help everyone grow and push towards personal and organizational goals.


(Self Analysis)

  • How do I go about making things happen? Is it in a motivating and influencing way; or am I just giving orders?

  • How do I motivate and influence others? Are my motivation and teaching methods positive? Or do I motivate by critiquing and punishment?

  • How do I go about handling situations in the workplace? Do I absorb all the information and make a thoughtful decision? Or do I create solutions on the fly?

  • How do I build business relationships with my team? Do I truly know my team and their goals?

  • How can I improve my leadership skills to better benefit myself, my team, and my company?


Lastly, here are some detailed articles if you are ready to level up your leadership skills!

Effective Leadership: How to Be a Better Leader:

10 Ways to Become a Better Leader:


A leader is best when people barely know they exists, when their work is done, their aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.

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